The Charitable Giving Coalition is dedicated to preserving a century-old American tradition – the charitable tax deduction – that encourages giving. We represent a diverse and unified voice in raising awareness about the value of the charitable deduction and its impact in supporting essential community services.

The charitable deduction is a vital and unique incentive that encourages a selfless act. A simple calculation shows that those in need receive at least $2.50 in benefit for every $1 of tax benefit. It’s unlikely government could find a better way to leverage private investment in community services. Potential changes to the tax code have the power to either enhance this investment by permanently extending the incentive to all taxpayers, or threaten the investment by reducing the value of the charitable deduction, putting at risk billions of dollars in donations to support nonprofits that serve millions of people every day.

Elected leaders on all sides recognize the value of the charitable sector. At the same time, they have to make tough decisions given our fiscal challenges. The Coalition is making a strong case about the importance of expanding and enhancing the charitable tax deduction and is committed to working with policymakers to ensure there is clear understanding that caps or limits will put at risk billions of dollars in private donations.

To find out more about how you can become a member, please contact Brian Flahaven at [email protected] or fill out the membership form here