The Charitable Giving Coalition is dedicated to preserving a century-old American tradition – the charitable tax deduction – that encourages giving. We represent a diverse and unified voice in raising awareness about the value of the charitable deduction and its impact


Charitable giving is vital to thriving communities. An extensive body of research confirms its significant value and impact of the charitable sector. We’re pleased to share some resources to raise awareness about the importance of charitable giving. Background and a


A variety of bipartisan, bicameral legislation has been introduced in the past three congresses to expand the charitable deduction to all Americans. Large legislative packages have also included expansions of the deduction. Here are the bills to extend the deduction

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The Charitable Giving Coalition is a broad cross-section of more than 60 nonprofit and charitable sector organizations. The Coalition welcomes new members who share our commitment to a thriving charitable sector and protecting the charitable deduction.


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A primary objective of the Charitable Giving Coalition is for charitable giving and giving incentives to remain top-of-mind for policymakers, staff, and nonprofit organizations. To that end, our communications team regularly distributes news releases covering developments related to the charitable

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On the Value of the Charitable Deduction

The charitable deduction works. It encourages Americans to give away more than they otherwise would, helping organizations critical to building up and supporting our communities.

Brian Flahaven, CGC Chair